Top adult romance games of April 2022

Sex in games has always been and always has been in demand. Nowadays the erotic games even flooded Steam, though most often the eroticism is found in visual novels and creepy 3D simulators. But there are also a small number of games that use sex as a special mechanic. We have collected Top adult romance games of April 2022.

House Party – Party Simulator

House Party leads the invasion of erotic games on Steam. We control a kid who is invited to a party in the spirit of American teen comedies. Every action we take affects how events unfold and the ending. Here you need to choose the right dialogue, look for items, fight, drink and, of course, seduce girls, which is a very rich choice. At the same time House Party does not force the player to behave immorally, providing maximum freedom of choice. Don’t want to drink alcohol? You are welcome. Don’t like the local girls? No one is forcing you to seduce them. Access to erotic and sexual mechanics is only denied under certain conditions as a special reward for effort.

BoneTown is a porn parody of GTA: San Andreas

Only the deaf have not heard of BoneTown, which changed the genre of erotic games. Already 13 years ago it offered unheard of freedom in gameplay, not limited to simulation porn. There’s a big open city divided into neighborhoods, satirical South Park-inspired quests, illegal substances, battles with bystanders, and Ron Jeremy himself as a playable character. Plus gangs, hot spots, reputation growth (it’s special in the game) and character customization. Want to hang out with pretty girls? Be good, complete quests, look for clothes, and increase your reputation.

BoneCraft – erotic fantasy based on Blizzard games

Another parody-adventure game from the developers of BoneTown: this time based on Blizzard games. So instead of a big city we are given a medium-sized island filled with orcs and elves. The gameplay is something between a role-playing game and a hack-and-slash with elements of erotica. It is worth noting that although BoneCraft is inferior to its predecessor, it is still a good gaming porn parody of the fantasy genre. Even though sex is no longer a key feature, but a rudiment that serves only to replenish health. But the main character of BoneCraft got the voice of Neil Kaplan, known as Tychus from StarCraft 2.

Playboy: The Mansion – porn mogul simulator

A life simulator for Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy. Our edition will have to go through a large-scale way of development: from a miserable newspaper, to a popular tabloid. To do this you have to invite the girls for photo shoots, make business and romantic relationships, choose the articles and covers for the magazine, as well as build your own mansion in the spirit of The Sims. The main feature of Playboy: The Mansion is promiscuous sexual relations.

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