5 nostalgic vintage sex games

From time to time we want to remember the old days and nostalgic. We can go back to old games that attracted us before, or we can look for games that help transport us to another time. In this article we have collected 5 nostalgic vintage sex games. Hurry and explore the list and look for a game for yourself!

The Proteus Effect

The Proteus Effect is a fun role-playing adventure game in which you take on the role of a guy who gets his dream job as a player in a virtual game. However, things don’t work out the way he plans, and soon he’s trapped in the virtual world and trapped in the body of a young woman. Join the hero and his companions on their adventures through fantasy worlds as they try to figure out what’s behind the game’s strange malfunctions and eventually find their way home.

RSSU – Retro Style Soviet Undies

Hey guys and gals! Welcome back to the 80’s! RSSU is a series of visual novels for adults, united by a common place and time of action. So, the setting-the city of Maryino, Moscow region of the USSR. Time frame-end of the 1980s. The young college graduate Artem goes to his first job in his life. However, that at first sight seems like nothing remarkable about the position of the ordinary worker of a sewing factory, leading to a number of fantastic adventures. Artem expects to meet with strange phenomena, unusual occurrences, the investigation of intricate cases and, of course, meetings with beautiful Soviet women! Artem is destined to learn that sex exists in the USSR, too!

The Night Driver

The action takes place in a dark and dirty world full of drug dealers, prostitutes, criminals, and liars. The main story unfolds around families with criminal histories, betrayals and affairs. The goal for the developers was to create a big world, with lots of locations, characters, scenes (content in general) and a believable crime/erotic thriller.

Ikoku na Retro

The North of England, late 19th century. At the behest of the head of the family, the servants are dressed in Japanese style. And in this quiet corner real African passions are simmering.

Hustle Town

The game is set in a European town, your uncle was a big joker, and you visited him several times as a kid. Now he’s retired and mostly retired, but he still has a cafe and a hostel, so you get free food and a free bed. The reason it’s called Hustle is because you have no money and are too lazy to work for anyone, you have a few dollars to buy a cocktail and a beer now and then, but that’s it, you have to hurry up with everything else. 

You run into different girls and the only way to get them into bed is to help them, so you have to do whatever they need or you need to get them into bed. It’s based on the idea of a quest, to sleep with a girl, you have to give her something, bring her something or do something for her, but it’s not as easy as what you need to get from her owner, who in turn usually wants something in return, so you have to do what they want, and so on until the circle is complete. 

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